Swivel Rocker – A Different Twist to the Papasan Chair

The standard papasan chair constructed from rattan seems to be a staple in several families, also to this day, which is already greater than HALF A CENTURY given that the rattan chairs came to be a global rage in interior design.

Today, there are lots of new versions of the original papasan that have been designed so you can most definitely take pleasure in the comfort and high-end of these incredible chairs in more ways than one. There are, as an example, the dual papasans that are also called mamasan chairs, which could seat two or even more individuals. There are additionally much smaller sized papasan chairs that can be delighted in by young children, along with matching stools and also tables built in a similar design as the initial papasan chair.

Of all the various variants of the papasan chair that remain in existence today, one of those that stand apart one of the most is the swivel rocker that is constructed from rattan, much like an actual papasan chair. It has a round base similar to a routine papasan chair yet the seat structure is rather different.

Instead of the bowl-shaped seat of the common papasan chair, the swivel rocker has a high back and also arm rests just like a regular reclining chair, if you will, yet the entire framework is still made of rattan just like a papasan chair. It additionally has a thick extra padding that makes it an actually comfortable furniture for sitting, as well as it can be rotated around the base using an unique swivel device.


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